Our Pacific bill-fish/sailfish fishing charters fleet is docked at the new Pez Vela Marina. This new marina uses the same outlet as Guatemala's main Pacific port, Puerto Quetzal, and is located next to it. This is the only sportfishing boat marina, on the Pacific coast, that has calm saltwater access without going though the dangerous old outlet near Puerto Iztapa, where boats need to stop and wait for the right set of waves that will allow their "safe passage". When out on a family sport-fishing vacation or with a group of buddies, do not put them at risk by “shooting the outlet”. Use the new marinas outlet with calm waters.

We offer the most economical way to fish the rich waters of Guatemala without sacrificing any of what matters most ….THE FISHING

You will be fishing the same waters, using the same equipment, casting the same bait and in some cases using the same boats and crews as other anglers that may have paid multiples of our package pricing !! The FISH DON’T CARE !!


Enterprise  Bertram--------- 28' 
Chesito  Luhrs----------------29' 
Piragua  Bertram ------------31' 
The Stragos  Bertram--------31' 
Tranquility Bertram ---------31'


* All reels used are of the brands Penn Reels or Shimano. Fishing rods are of different brands like Shimano, Penn, Chaos, Fenwick, Star Rods, etc. Besides the listed standard equipment all boats carry additional rod and reels in their storage compartments. Equipment may change without notice.